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About us

FOXTECH ( is an Internet media focused on the UAV technology industry. It is committed to providing efficient information services to all users concerned about UAV technology industry.

Website Services Include:

Provide the latest comprehensive information of UAV technology industries and related supporting industries such as drones, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned boats;

Provide the most authoritative industry policies;

Provides a platform for communication and learning for industry users and enthusiasts.

In addition, FOXTECH can provide branding services for manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

Timely, authoritative and practical is our pursuit of content.

We have a media team that has been engaged in industry reporting for many years to ensure the timely and authoritative collection of industry information. We also invite authoritative scholars who are resident in the industry to write and interpret industry development and share expertise. At the same time, we also pay attention to the availability of information and community participation, user-centered, with product evaluation, application plan, reader communication and comment areas and other sections. Here, readers can observe the development of the industry from multiple angles and obtain the content they need.

FOXTECH will continue to explore and innovate in order to create more value for users.

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Address: (3rd Floor) No.9 Haitai Fazhan Sixth Avenue XiQing District Tianjin China

Phone: +862227989688

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