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Want to write for Foxtech ?

We welcome the original manuscript. If the manuscript is suitable, our editor will contact you. Once the article is accepted, it will be recommended in our corresponding column.

Contributions from industry veteran players, experts and scholars, or independent industry contributors are welcome. The content of the manuscript can be product evaluation, professional knowledge, hot industry reviews, industry trend predictions, etc. We require the content of the article to be authentic and logical. These are articles important prerequisites for getting a recommendation, we are always looking forward to your manuscript.

At the same time, we also notice that some brands have publicity needs. To this end,  we have set up a special column “enterprise dynamics”, also welcome the brand party’s contribution. We will select high-quality content for delivery and build a bridge between enterprises and clients. When submitting a manuscript, please indicate “Corporate Manuscript” in the “Subject” of the email.

Contribution of articles

Submission email:(all manuscripts need to be original)

Contact us for more information.

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